You want to know what kinda guys are behind the whole idea? Who came up with the nonsense you're reading on the website?

Well, have a look at our team! We are three friends, regular guys from different backgrounds, who strive for things that the industry has forgotten, peak quality at reasonable prices.

That's why we started all this, that's why we are on a mission to change the dynamic in the industry and make a difference.

Our technical mastermind - The Engineer


Siri has been doing his own projects since he was 15 years old and gained a lot of expertise regarding cloud solutions, building IT Infrastructure and developing web apps.

If he‘s currently not doing one of his projects or fixing others technical problems, he spents his time singing to Ed Sheeran songs, eating Korean Fried Chicken or getting smacked by his kickboxing trainer.

Our creative Salesman - The Closer


Since Philip has a very easygoing manner with his fellow men and has already polished his quick wit at a young age, it was easy for him to develop his sales skills in the tech industry.

When he‘s not in a call or renovating his house, he goes to the gym, enjoys pasta with his girlfriend and tries to avoid salad because he truly believes it‘s going to shrink his biceps.

Our Jack-of-all-trades - The Generalist


Starting his interest in random topics as a kid, from literature such as Homers Odyssey to relentlessy talking about the the newest episode of Gossip Girl, his professional career shows the same picture working in different industries and fields.

Gasping for breath in between his calisthenics workouts, talking gibberish and reading books, Daniel watches romcoms, does even more sports or eats meals the size for a whole family himself.