Experience Time's Infinite Grace.

Capture Simplicity, Seize Time

The face of the SOLAR is a serene expanse, devoid of any clutter, reflecting the minimalistic ethos in its purest form. The date display is unobtrusive, yet its presence is a comforting assurance, a gentle reminder of the day's passage.

Uncompromised design

The stainless steel mesh strap drapes your wrist with a soft touch while offering the assurance of longevity. Complementing this, the watch case, meticulously forged from a resilient alloy, embodies a commitment to durability without compromising on design finesse.

Simple, Stylish, Affordable

SOLAR encapsulates the harmonious mechanics that drive the hands across the face with a rhythmic precision, embodying the essence of catching time. Every tick is a captured moment, a whisper of time caught and cherished. Style and elegance doesn't have to break the bank, the SOLAR makes sure it never does.

Hear what others say about THE SOLAR


Very good product for the cost!!!

Raina Wyman

This watch effortlessly blends elegance and simplicity. The fine metal bracelet gives it a high-quality look, and the date display adds functionality. Clear recommendation, especially considering its affordable price

Alex Lemke

Perfect mix of style and functionality! A chic watch that suits every occasion