A resolution of a journey, a journey that has yet to end.


The lenses of the HALO are composed of enhanced polycarbonate which are encased by high-grade reinforced alloy, resulting in a recreation of the timeless flair of the classic pilot with modern design accentuations.

celestial material

The main technology behind the HALO is the thermal crafted, reinforced alloy that builds the foundation for the frame. This results in elegant, durable and comfortable to wear sunglasses.

divine protection

The HALO is not only unique in its design, it is UV400 certified and protects your eyes against harmful ultraviolet light rays of the sun.

Hear what others say about Atlas


The whole frame is made out of steel, feels really good on the head


I was waiting for an aviator, literally launched a few hours ago and I instantly ordered. They gave me 10% off because I was the first to order. I can say for certain that they look and feel stunning 🥹