a celestial resurrection of the wayfarer.

Infinity panel

The lens of the ATLAS is made out of enhanced polycarbonate. Symbolic through its edgeless design - condemned to last for infinity.

celestial material

The main technology behind the ATLAS is the thermal crafted material, well known as TR90. The results are feather light, flexible and comfortable to wear sunglasses.

divine protection

The ATLAS is not only unique in its design, it is UV400 certified and protects your eyes against harmful ultraviolet light rays of the sun.

Hear what others say about Atlas


Bought it for the wedding of a friend. Never thought that so many people were asking about the sunglasses. lol

Jillian K.

My wife told me I look like Harvey Specter in these, since she's always right, I guess that must be true hehe

Jim L.

funny thing, i actully traveled to dubai. Got some really nice pics done with the color of the sunglasses