Captivatingly Noir.

Breaking boundaries

BLACK GEMINI redefines the boundaries of minimalistic watch design, offering a distinctive blend of subtlety and style. Its striking black frame serves as a canvas, allowing the essence of timekeeping to shine through with elegance and clarity.

Uncompromised design

The stainless steel mesh strap drapes your wrist with a soft touch while offering the assurance of longevity. Complementing this, the watch case, meticulously forged from a resilient alloy, embodies a commitment to durability without compromising on design finesse.

Simple, Stylish, Affordable

What sets BLACK GEMINI apart is not just its refined design but also its accessibility. Style and elegance need not come with an exorbitant price tag. BLACK GEMINI offers affordability without compromising on quality, making it a genuine choice for those who appreciate style, substance, and value in their timepieces.

Hear what others say about THE BLACK GEMINI


Nice watch at the price level. I am satisfied with my purchase

Rossie Mayert

Really nice watch. As described. Very satisfied.

Shawn Graham

In love with the Neptune

Arielle Kessler